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Choosing a Staffing Firm...

When choosing a staffing firm, make sure that the firm is qualified to handle more than just staffing... Look for a staffing firm that works as a strategic partner and who is geared toward the future...YOUR future. STAFF AMERICA also offers quality business and staffing solutions on a retained basis. Extensive experience allows us the opportunity to provide many consulting services at a nominal cost to you and/or your company. You cannot afford NOT to use STAFF AMERICA. Call us to see how OUTSOURCING can save you valuable time and money.

Benefits of Choosing Staff America...

Access to the highest quality pre-screened candidates for Temp Staffing, Temp-To-Hire and Direct Hire. We offer the ability to staff to scale so you can manage your business affordably. We offer background and reference checks (drug screenings and personality profiles are available upon request). We offer on-site safety audits and project coordination featuring daily or weekly quality checks and replacements. We also offer payroll solutions that take the expense and burden off of your bottom line and shifts it to ours. Our associates have four (4) decades of industry experience. We offer 24/7/365 at your service support.


Staff America has been serving healthcare and professional organizations since 2000. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, open communication and excellent customer service. Serving quality healthcare facilities and compassionate professionals alike, Staff America is the number-one source for industry-leading recruitment solutions

We offer a level of industry expertise that leads the way: Joint Commision Certified * 40+ years Combined Experience * FEMA Approved * Emergncy Response experience * Rapid Fire Staffing * Depth and Bredth of Clinical and Non-Clinical staff

We staff with YOUR needs in mind: RN/LPN/MA/CNA / Hospitals / Physician Offices / Hospice / Rehab / LTAC / LTC / Home-Health / Patient Registration / Billing & Coding / Administrative/Accounting / Finance / Telemedicine / Emergency Response / Call/Contact Center/Customer Care / EMR Conversion / Data Entry / Help Desk /Executive Level Management


Our Services: Per Diem /  Local & Travel / Long/Short Contracts / Temp - Hire / Direct Hire / Managed Services / Payroll Service

Staff America offers Skype meetings (for your convenience). Please contact us to schedule a consultation. Thank you for your consideration.

Temp Staffing

Staff America's extensive selection of temporary professional staff can hit the ground running with minimal lead time. Since temporary professionals are typically focused on a specific project, job or task, they can often complete jobs sooner than your regular staff. Our vast database of temp staffers and modern hiring and screening technologies help us to identify the most appropriate candidates for your business objectives and goals. Our staffing coordinators will find employees that will be successful and fit within your company culture. STAFF AMERICA can fulfill all of your specific staffing requirements - from one employee to an entire business team. STAFF AMERICA handles all employee social security, workers' compensation, unemployment and federal and state payroll taxes. No more unemployment claims! You will never have to pay for sick days, vacation days, personal days, holidays, absenteeism or any other fringe benefits.


Temp-to-hire combines the best parts of temp staffing and direct hire staffing. Unsure whether your company will need a long term or short term hire, or if you would like to "preview" a new employee before committing, temp-to-hire staffing may be the right choice. When your business requires immediate staff yet you aren't ready to commit to direct hire, our STAFF AMERICA temp-to-hire staffing solution provides you with the optimal solution. STAFF AMERICA will manage your staff until you're ready for a direct hire solution. With our temp-to-hire solution, STAFF AMERICA provides employee management, process screening, payroll, benefits management and more.

On-Site Management

If you have an extensive temporary workforce, it pays to have on-site workforce management. Staff America will assist in providing a strategic framework for delivering talent, minimizing risk, and creating innovative strategies to help support your business goals. If you have a high-volume temporary workforce, STAFF AMERICA offers an on-site workforce management solution. STAFF AMERICA will provide a strategic framework for providing staffing, alleviating risk and providing innovative strategies to help support your business goals. This customizable solution is designed for larger workforce assignments. Our on-site dedicated team of professionals will assume the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your workforce needs and complement your existing oversight process. Our team will develop reports and processes that continuously improve the quality of work you receive while optimizing your necessary staffing requirements.

Payroll Services

Staff America's payroll services lower risk of Health Care Reform related compliance issues and penalties; reduce time, effort and money spent on payroll administration and assist in increasing efficiency across every area of your business that intersects with payroll. STAFF AMERICA can help minimize your administrative payroll burdens. We are a provider of centralized payroll services that meet the needs of businesses large and small. No matter the challenge, we have a solution. We offer traditional payroll services and managed solutions and STAFF AMERICA will work with you to develop a customized payroll outsourcing plan that will help meet your talent strategy and business goals. Our payroll services support part-time, full-time and non-traditional employees (including: Contract workers, Flex-time workers, Freelancers, Interns, Special Project Staff and more.)

Offering Temp, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire that meets your business dynamics... We offer a wide range of staffing services proven to save you time and money... Staff America helps find candidates who are a perfect fit for your organization.